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    An ongoing blog on how our information gathering is going.  Please check in often and if any questions or concerns - click 'reply' and post.


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    Looking for the Claritas Story - this is the place.  Soon to be a Major Motion Picture.

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    • I have not seen an update on this group site since last May when I open it up. I googled it and now see there has been some activity. Not sure why it is not updating and showing any new posts? 
    • Salzman has a new gig on top of his thing at Happy Skin or whatever the heck the Feelgood thing he has going.  Bob sold his two and a half million dollar home and him and Henriett moved on. Just figured everybody would want to know because from the way nobody wanted to lift a finger to see if we could do anything to stop them or determine if they were good guys who messed up or were simply scamming thieves I figured they would want to either congratulate them or at the very least be happy for them.  
    • Yep, I thought me and Marius had something going and actually got some action happening but the group just faded away. Don't now what's worse, thieves or gutless victims.    
    • From the looks of things Salzman got to steal a few million and Farrell got a three million dollar house, Natalie Salzman got a quarter million and that shyster Rudman walked away with the change. And nobody wanted to do anything about it.  
    • Hi LRE, myself and Marius had a plan that seemed to be working rather well and, we had about twenty odd members of a core group willing to help out then, as soon as it began to work and Salzman began to feel some stress and began to panic we called on them to add their weight to the program they fell apart and chickened out. I guess they don't care about their money to put minimal effort into it and now, Salzman and his daughter are back to their old tricks and get to run off with a million and a quarter of our money with Farrell keeping all the wages he made over the years - all without a fight. So, some might say they were low lives and thieves and frankly, I see no reason not to believe they were and are.  I mean, I lost everything including the down payment for my retirement house and some others worse off.  So anybody involved including Rudman and the so called snake oil scientists are more than likely scammers as well.  And our little group was too scared to take them on to try and get some money back.
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